Our Activities have focussed on Protection, Promotion & Support of Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding. The activity flowchart   & Summary of Activities  are attached.

Maternity Homes

BFHI Training & Accreditation in collaboration with UNICEF Maharashtra

Mother Support Group (MSG) Training

Starting in 1995, we developed the first Mother Support Group in India with a focus on Pre-Delivery & Post-Delivery Counselling through Maternity Homes and Home Visits to provide a warm chain of support. This also helped many maternity homes to develop Baby Friendly Practices. The logistics is described here

Traditional Massage Woman Training (TMW)

To support mothers at home after discharge we trained 500 Traditional Massage Women in North-West Mumbai. The project details are described here

Creche Owners Training Project

To extend the support beyond infancy

Breastfeeding & Complementary feeding counselling (IYCN)

Counselling services have been discussed in ‘Our Service’ (Hospital Visited & Breastfeeding Help).


Innumerable programmes on TV / Radio and articles in Newspapers & Magzines

IYCN Trainings & Advocacy

For Medical College Faculty/Nurses, Health Dept & ICDS Staff, Administrators & Community

Trainings conducted in States


Total Trained in 1 Day Trainings


Total Trained in 2-3 Days Training


Past Activities of 2020

IYCN Update & Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) 2020

Event Date: February 28, 2020

Event Time: 9:00 am

Event Location: Leslie Sawhny Center , Nashik

Annual Activity Reports

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